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Making Connections, Bridging Capabilities

By: Tom Doran July 6, 2017
When you consider entering a relationship, commonalities are the first thing you seek. How are you alike? How will you work together? This is no different when you are evaluating a career opportunity. You want the right fit. And sometimes, the right fit is tied to the breadth of capabilities demonstrated by both parties and the accuracy of their alignment. It’s important to be a good match, and I believe that is what I found with HM Insurance Group.
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Strong Communication, Education Essential to Managing Catastrophic Costs

By: Dom Palmieri April 27, 2017
When you’re facing the challenges of a market that’s experiencing continued growth in medical and pharmaceutical costs, fueling the frequency of catastrophic claims exceeding the $1 million mark, you have to take a proactive approach to managing claims. At HM, we know that excellent medical management creates the foundation for successful cost containment for self-funded employers, and we encourage its use with our partners and clients through strong communication and education.
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Conversations Make the Hard Stuff Easier to Manage

By: Greg Wilden April 27, 2017
Those who know me would probably say I tell it like it is and get to the point quickly. I’m not particularly sure that “blogging” is my thing, but I do know that we need to directly address some challenges in the current market. To do so, we have to be open to conversations – sometimes hard conversations – that allow us to honor our commitment to providing the right protection to meet the needs of our mutual clients.
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ACOs Constantly Adapt to Improve Care Quality and Cost

By: Liz Midtlien April 27, 2017
As the health insurance industry continues to contend with the high costs of medical care, along with the still relevant – and influential – regulations of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), we are seeing Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) remain of interest as an alternative delivery model with the potential to improve the quality of care while better managing costs.
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Chronic Conditions Add to Costs for Self-Funded Plans

By: Bill Miller April 27, 2017
As a result of the changing health care landscape, we have seen a growing number of employers turn to self-funding to better manage costs and meet coverage needs through a more controlled approach. They see value in taking on financial risk to gain plan design flexibility and potential savings. And we work with their brokers to demonstrate the importance of Stop Loss insurance in guarding financial health in a health care environment where catastrophic claims are on the rise.
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