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It's Our Policy to Protect

Manage risk with confidence

Help reduce gaps in benefit coverage and protect from the financial losses associated with health risks with coverage from HM Insurance Group.

A Company to Trust

Choose a smart approach to risk management

Trust the experts at HM Insurance Group to evaluate your needs, create insurance solutions and deliver unmatched support.

HM Stop Loss

Bridge the gaps

As a leader in Stop Loss, HM offers a range of plan design options and terms that create risk management solutions for self-funded groups.

HM Workers' Compensation

Take control; reduce losses

Through its service team approach, HM helps to manage better outcomes and reduce costs from all angles.

Managed Care Reinsurance

Navigate the unpredictable

Manage health care risks with catastrophic excess and aggregate coverage options for health plans, providers and risk-bearing entities.

Risk Protection

Our risk management expertise addresses a wide range of health risk exposures, enabling us to customize our approach to each client's unique coverage needs.

Managed Care Reinsurance

Review product info

Contact Sales

For Producers

Build relationships, find resources, gain knowledge.

Gain the Advantage

SL Digitial Advantages Explore the benefits of HM Stop Loss and Workers' Compensation through these interactive, self-guided tours.

Get A Closer Look and Gain Some InSights.

Check out HM InSights to learn more about industry trends impacting Stop Loss insurance. Find valuable information to empower you as you make coverage decisions.

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