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Materials for Client Conversations

Learn about HM, Our Products and the Way We Do Business

Access company details, sales sheets, brochures and forms; learn about trending industry topics like gene therapies; and discover educational resources on self-funding and Stop Loss.

Using HM Resources

Company Information

Get to know HM and our industry-leading approach to business.

Stop Loss Insurance

Find information about Stop Loss and HM’s results to provide clients with the details they need to choose the right carrier.


Read about high-cost pharmaceutical treatment options and the conditions they address, as well as what's in the pipeline.

Cost Containment

See HM's approach to containing costs through program details, vendor information, case studies and more.

Online Tools

Complete self-service tasks, pay bills and manage claims using our online tools.

Forms and Guides

Access forms and guides like applications, claim forms and billing templates.

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Industry Insights Blog

Read the thoughts and opinions of HM’s leaders on topics like the Stop Loss industry, claim cost drivers, the importance of a strong contract and having difficult conversions.