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Stop Loss Insurance

Financial Protection for Self-Funded Groups

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Offering Stop Loss Insurance

As a leading national Stop Loss company, HM Insurance Group (HM) uses risk management expertise and years of industry experience to design Stop Loss insurance that works to protect our policyholders' financial well-being. For employers who self-fund their health plans, HM’s Stop Loss coverage helps to protect against the financial risk associated with catastrophic claim costs.

Partnering with HM

Accessible, accountable and aware, we use our risk management expertise to design coverage your clients can rely on when facing the financial risk associated with high-cost claims.

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Customized Stop Loss Insurance Coverage

We tailor our Stop Loss coverage to satisfy each client’s level of risk tolerance. Our underwriting experts work to protect our policyholders’ financial well-being based on their specific needs and group dynamics.

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Claim Payment and Cost Containment

HM works to pay claims quickly and accurately, and our operational excellence and commitment to cost containment best practices give clients confidence in our coverage.

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Dedicated Teams and Expert Client Service

When you work with the experts at HM, you can count on consistency, responsiveness and sound decisions that lead to smart solutions, excellent performance and unparalleled support.

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A Solid Contract

HM offers clients a Stop Loss policy that provides clarity, financial protection and choice. The contract is the core of the carrier-client relationship, and ours is written in language employers can understand, helping to ensure coverage details are clear.

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Considering Self-Funding?

In an evolving insurance marketplace, employers continue to seek ways to better manage their employee benefits options and costs. Self-funding is an option that can give groups more control in exchange for taking on financial risk – and Stop Loss insurance can help provide risk protection.

Your Stop Loss Resources

Access an array of materials that can help in a variety of conversations with your clients.

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Tools and Resources

Discover more about HM, our Stop Loss product and the way we do business through a range of materials.

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Forms and Guides

Access Stop Loss applications, claim forms, disclosures, waivers and more.

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See how we deliver opportunities to help better control medical and pharmaceutical claim costs.


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