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Taking Action Against High Cost Claims

By: Dom Palmieri September 11, 2017
Well, the Stop Loss industry seems to be a rousing one these days. Claim incidences and expenses are on the rise (with no end in sight) – and we have to figure out how to contain the costs to protect everyone’s bottom line. Our sleeves are rolled up at HM. Who else is in? This is going to take a pretty big effort from all of us if we are to minimize the risk.
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Chronic Conditions Add to Costs for Self-Funded Plans

By: Dom Palmieri April 27, 2017
As a result of the changing health care landscape, we have seen a growing number of employers turn to self-funding to better manage costs and meet coverage needs through a more controlled approach. They see value in taking on financial risk to gain plan design flexibility and potential savings. And we work with their brokers to demonstrate the importance of Stop Loss insurance in guarding financial health in a health care environment where catastrophic claims are on the rise.
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