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Let’s Be Clear

By: Tom Doran January 5, 2018
I consider myself to be an approachable guy. I certainly hope people sense that about me. I’m pretty open with my thoughts and experiences, and I think it helps to create a culture where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and making recommendations. When we welcome personal transparency into a business setting, those there are likely to get on the same page and feel more compelled to contribute to the greater good.
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The Season of Opportunity

By: Liz Midtlien November 10, 2017
As a teenage insurance brat, I learned the cycles of the business at my father’s side. There were renewal conversations around the Thanksgiving table, and Saturdays were spent in the office tending to the needs of clients. Who knew that it would someday be a reality for me too? My dad showed me what it takes to provide value to customers. And in this business, this is the season for doing it right.
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Conversations Make the Hard Stuff Easier to Manage

By: Greg Wilden April 27, 2017
Those who know me would probably say I tell it like it is and get to the point quickly. I’m not particularly sure that “blogging” is my thing, but I do know that we need to directly address some challenges in the current market. To do so, we have to be open to conversations – sometimes hard conversations – that allow us to honor our commitment to providing the right protection to meet the needs of our mutual clients.
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ACOs Constantly Adapt to Improve Care Quality and Cost

By: Liz Midtlien April 27, 2017
As the health insurance industry continues to contend with the high costs of medical care, along with the still relevant – and influential – regulations of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), we are seeing Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) remain of interest as an alternative delivery model with the potential to improve the quality of care while better managing costs.
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