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Managed Care Reinsurance

A Proven Leader in Managing Risk

With more than two decades of experience as a company, we develop innovative products that reflect the changing dynamics of the healthcare industry. Creating solutions for HMOs and other health plans, providers, ACOs and self-funded employers, we pride ourselves in our ability to easily adjust course to provide clients with the right products and expertise to meet market challenges with essential risk management and protection.

Risk Assessment Backed by Experience

A thorough understanding of a plan’s risk areas is essential for developing an optimal coverage structure that is appropriately priced. That’s why we work directly with health plans and carriers to gain first-hand knowledge of the unique risks associated with these risk-bearing entities.

The Convenience of Connectedness

Our integrated products and added services go beyond reinsurance to save clients money across the entire spectrum of risk, avoiding the need to split risk management coverages among multiple carriers. By asking the right questions and listening to our clients, we develop powerful solutions that work.

A Partnership Founded for Success

Managed Care Reinsurance products and related services are provided through RBS Re, which is a program of HM Insurance Group. This partnership allows for growth and creative solutions for emerging health care risks – all backed by the financial strength of HM.

Our Promise

We know that the heart of a smart business decision is the integrity of the transaction. Guided by knowledge and experience, we make sound, disciplined decisions to guard the financial health of our policyholders. When you work with us, you can be confident in the quality of what you are delivering to your clients.